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SOA Adventures


Day Hikes: 


These are hikes that are completed in one day (duh). SOA will provide an awesome experience that will include a nature destination (summit, falls, river, etc.) based upon your crue's desires and skill level, all the gear and food you will need, and the first beer at the conclusion of the hike is on us.


This is the perfect entry-level adventure for those who are brand new to the wilderness. The cost of this adventure is $125 +$25 (per person(s) + travel expenses (these will change based on how far your guide has to travel to the destination).


Weekend Adventures:


These trips typically begin on Friday afternoon and conclude Sunday afternoon. We will spend 3 days and 2 awesome nights out on the trail. SOA provides your gear, common gear, meals, and our first-class guide service. You will learn how to start a fire, filter your drinking water, camp under the stars, and more than likely how to drop a deuce in the woods.

If you think you might really like backpacking but don't have the experience or aren't quite ready to start investing in your hard-earned dollars in your own gear, we got you covered.


If you are ready to jump off and get a full taste of the outdoors, then this is your adventure. 

The cost including an expert guide,  top-end gear, mountain gourmet meals, and travel from your meeting point is $650 (and $250 for each hiker)


Lodge Adventures

If you are ready to spend some time in the Appalachian mountains but really aren't stoked about living without running water, toilets, and heat, then we have the perfect solution for you. Our Lodge Adventures takes the best from both worlds. You can get away, challenge yourself and experience the wilderness all the while sleeping in a bed, using a toilet, and even watching a little Netflix.

This is the perfect getaway for business or personal retreats, reunions, or the annual boys/girls weekend.

We have lodging available that is just minutes from some of the best trails and most stunning views the United States has to offer.

SOA will find and reserve your lodge, plan and guide your hikes or activities, plan and purchase your meals, and of course, your first beer is on us.

The cost of this adventure is $350 (plus $250 for each person) and the cost of the Lodge.




Extended & Custom Adventures

If the Weekend Adventure isn't quite long enough and you are really wanting to immerse yourself in the wilderness experience, then you need to check out Our Extended & Custom Adventures.

We can custom create your adventure, whether you are wanting to section hike the AT or explore the Rocky Mountains, SOA has you covered.

These Adventures are recommended for experienced backpackers and not for first-timers. The cost of these trips will vary based on several factors. We will quote, and develop this adventure based on you getting the experience you were counting on at a value that benefits you the client.

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